Entry #6

This is all NG's fault.

2011-02-27 18:52:53 by DeviantArtDude

I knew it that everyone hates me, I get banned every single time on the BBS for just being retarted, Just don't kill me, I will get out of Newgrounds, Please Wade delete all of my NG accounts because i don't give a crap about Newgrounds anymore and everyone thinks that i am a retard and think that i have a smartass and dumbass way to get behind the BBS rules, And now, I am pissed off, Everyone, F You, F you, You all is pissing me off.


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2011-02-27 19:14:37

Sorry to hear that.


2011-02-27 19:43:59

I'm really sorry to hear that.


2011-04-15 04:02:56

I don't know you but I feel sorry.


2011-04-15 04:03:33

Shut up Mikik


2011-07-14 21:51:52

I don't hate you